Dental Specialists Crowns & Bridges


Artificial crowns are given to the natural teeth that have been broken down due to bad decay, extensively damaged , after root canal therapy, fractured or discoloration. Artificial teeth protects the natural tooth from further damage or fracture . The natural teeth are prepared and the impressions of the teeth are made. The impressions are sent to laboratory for further processing. Artificial crowns are custom made in the dental laboratory with CAD CAM TECHNOLOGY and are available in different types of material like

  • Cast metal
  • Metal ceramic
  • All ceramic or metal free ceramic (Zirconia crowns)

Dental Bridges are artificial prosthesis for replacement of missing teeth. A dental bridge takes the support of the adjacent teeth and will be permanently fixed to the natural teeth. The dental bridges can be made in cast metal, metal ceramic and all ceramic or metal free ceramic (Zirconia ) with CAD CAM technology in the dental laboratory. The duration of the treatment will take about 5-7 days and the number of visits will be 2 -4 including the recall visits.


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