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Points to Ponder - Removable Dentures

  1. A full complement of teeth is necessary for both esthetic and functional harmony of your oral cavity. You will be able to maintain the health of your remaining teeth and gums by ensuring that all your missing teeth are replaced at the earliest. This ensures optimal load distribution during eating and ensures the long time health of your teeth and gums.
  2. The most ideal way to replace your missing teeth is with the help of fixed partial dentures or by implant supported crowns and bridges. However, when the fixed options are not feasible the only other alternative is to opt for Removable dentures.
  3. We use the best possible materials and the most advanced techniques to ensure that the removable dentures that you receive are of the highest possible standards. This involves at least three to five visits to our dental office.
  4. Once you receive the dentures from us, you go through an “Acclimatizing Phase” where in you would find the new dentures to be “odd” and “initially uncomfortable”. Every single patient goes through this initially but gets used and starts feeling normal and comfortable soon afterwards.
  5. The initial difficulties include
  6. Feeling of mouth being full or heavy
  7. Feeling of soreness
  8. Difficulty to chew food
  9. Feeling odd while speaking
  10. With patience and faith you will be able to overcome this initial phase and then enjoy the benefits of a full complement of teeth. You will be able to enjoy your food and will start smiling from your heart ! ! !

Post Insertion Guidelines for Patients Who Have Received Removable Dentures

Maintenance of Dentures:

  1. The dentures must be removed at bedtime or any other time you would prefer to sleep.
  2. The denture must be cleaned before wearing in the mouth.
  3. The denture must also be cleaned after removal from the work and before storing it in clean water in a container with lid.
  4. The denture must again be cleaned after every meal.
  5. The denture must be cleaned with a toothbrush and bathing soap or denture cleansers and not with paste or dentifrices or any other detergent solution or soap.
  6. The denture should be cleaned over a sink / tub full of water to avoid breaking of dentures when it falls.
  7. The denture must be stored in water in a closed container.

How to Get Used to the Denture:

  1. DO read newspaper or books aloud to improve your speaking ability.
  2. DO keep food stuffs both sides equally at back and eat to prevent the lifting of dentures while chewing the food.
  3. DO keep your hands in the front of the mouth while sneezing or coughing to prevent denture from falling out.
  4. DO always sip the glass while drinking water instead of lifting it and drinking.

Maintenance of Oral Tissues:

  1. Gently massage with fingers to the regions of mouth where the dentures are placed to maintain healthy status of tissues as soon as the denture are removed.
  2. Watch out for any ulcer /sore/ injury of oral cavity after the initial wear of dentures and report to your dentist immediately for corrections.
  3. Use tongue cleanser everyday to remove debris accumulations.
  4. Better give a lot of time gap in between when wearing the denture in the initial stages.

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