Microscope Enhanced Endodontics


Having visual access is critical in endodontic treatment, as it is important for the operator to be able to see exactly what he or she is treating in order to do it well. The Dental Operating Microscope provides high quality illumination and magnification which can be varied to suit different clinical situations.

Microscopes can be used in conventional or surgical endodontics. They are adjuncts and are especially useful in situations requiring excellent visual access such as locating calcified canals or fractures, repairing perforations, retrieving separated instruments or surgical endodontics (microsurgery). Often in such instances, their usage significantly contributes towards a successful treatment outcome.

We are one of the pioneering endodontic practices in India to have installed a Global G6 Dental Operating Microscope (USA). This is one of the state of the art microscopes, which greatly enhances the quality of work that we deliver.

MicroScope Enhanced Endodontics
Global Microscope

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