Dental Specialists Gum(Periodontal)Therapy


It deals with maintaining the gum and structures surrounding the teeth. Gum diseases are characterized by inflammation, which if not treated may spread to the surrounding bone causing tooth mobility and bone loss. It is caused due to trauma, stress, hormonal changes and age related factors.

Bleeding gums, swelling, redness and receeding gum lines and bad breath are the symptoms of periodontal disease. It is treated with periodontal therapies.

The periodontal therapies includes full mouth cleaning or scaling in which the deposits are removed from the tooth surface and at gum line. It is a non- surgical procedure performed with ultrasonic scaler tips. It helps in reducing the periodontal pocket levels. If the gum health is not improved after cleaning ,it might lead to destruction of bone and receeding gum line which can be treated with periodontal flap surgeries. It is a surgical procedure where the soft tissues are elevated and cleaned till the root level. It is performed under local anesthesia by a periodontist. The bone loss is managed with bone grafts ,which helps in rebuilding the bone lost.

After the periodontal therapy, the patient should have a periodic check up with the dentist every six months to assess and maintain their gum health.

Maintaining the oral hygiene helps in preventing the periodontal disease, hence care should be taken for brushing twice a day along with mouth washes and occasional flossing .


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