Success Stories

"Some 8 before on the same day root canal centre gave its identity in chennai and i always feel proud to be associated with Gopi sir, Lakshmi mam and the whole unit member of RCC though iam not from medical field. Ever memory of TDS to RCC to RCF still remains fresh. A VERY HAAPPYY ND WARM ANNIVERSARY TO ROOT CANAL FOUNDATION"

Bose MP

"Awesome dental clinic..professional talented team of dental specialists. I would highly recommend Dr. Gopi Krishna to anyone looking for endodontic treatment in India. "

Leena Munjal

Dr. Gopi can never do anything compromised, whether it's for him, his profession, his students, his patients, literally everything. He gives the best and want the best. This is no surprise Dr. Gopi, knowing you. I wish you the very best. Seeni

Seenivasan Varadachar

"The place is comparable to any drs office in the western world for cleanliness. Dr Gopi Krishna was very professional, friendly and resolved my issues quickly. They accommodated me at short notice and the staff were very competent. They have an easy check in process and are completely automated. Would recommend them very highly to anyone who is considering getting dental work in chennai. Kudos !!!!"

Suresh K Murthy

"""Root Canal Foundation is a great dental clinic with a professional staff and hygienic environment. Dr. Gopi is a friendly doctor who clarifies all doubts and is genuinely concerned about the patient. He carries out his work perfectionism. Notably, Dr. Chandra is a very experienced and patient orthodontist. Best wishes to Dr. Gopi and his team!"""

Shailja Jain

"The place is very warm and welcoming and spotlessly clean and well maintained . The staff at the reception area are polite and efficient . Dr Gopi and dr Laxmi are excellent and extremely patient . They take you through the entire process of what treatment you are about to undergo , which eases the anxiety levels almost to half . I recently got a root canal done by dr Gopi I was very anxious and my tooth was in a very bad way . He took me through the entire procedure in the first sitting and charged me nothing for the consultation . The process when performed by doctor Gopi was painless and I slept through most of the root canal treatment which was almost one hour long . I had minimal pain even after the anesthesia wore off and the next day I even got a call from the clinic asking me how I was feeling I have had a crown fitting done earlier by dr Laxmi and yet again it was a breeze and has given me no trouble since it has been fixed Thank u to the team of root canal foundation for providing such good care ."

Charu Mohan

Awesome dental practice...professional talented team of dental specialists, friendly staff and great environment.

Leena Munjal

We would like to thank Dr. Gopikrishna and his team for the amount of care they showed on our 5 year old daughter during the treatment. The whole team was very understanding and helpful. Our daughter's smile is seen with more confidence now. Thank you team from all our family members !!!!

Hariharan Chempothnalil Sivan

"""Best dental experience ... I had a specialised root canal and also a ceramic crown fitted, when I visited Chennai. My dentist in London advised me to see a specialist endodontist, due to a partially completed root canal. A 4th root ( MB2 ) in an upper left molar could not be located or treated; without the requisite equipment and expertise. I would highly recommend Dr Gopi Krishna, Dr Lakshmi and the team at the RCF. I think he may have raised the technical and scientific profession of dentistry and endodontics to an art form - not something you normally expect from a visit to the dentist :) Every step of the procedure was explained clearly, which helped me relax, and the atmosphere in the surgery was very pleasant. There was absolutely no pain during the root canal or afterwards. My tooth feels great now."""

Allan V

"Doc Gopi krishna's confident talk, assuring words, gentle treatment made me comfortable to under go the root canal treatment, as I was suffering from persistent pain. *Dr clinic setup is impressive with tint of greenery and positioning of TV ?? on the roof is an extraordinary thought in his cabin. *improvised techniques, methods, technology is being used by our Doc Gopi krishna. Appreciate Doc Gopi krishna for providing right treatment at time of need.""

kanna thal

Was treated for an infected tooth and had a bridge implanted. An excellent dental hospital with a calming and soothing ambience whose mainstay is Dr. Gopikrishna, a thorough professional who is highly qualified and exceptionally talented for whom patient care and comfort get top priority. The infected tooth was removed and the bridge was implanted by an expert prosthodontist Dr. Lakshmi after cleaning and scaling and adequate preparation by Dr.Bharani. All the procedures were explained clearly and completed almost painlessly. The only drawback is that it's slightly on the expensive side.

Dr Felix Moses

Very insightful course with must to know details about giving a quality Endodontic treatment to patients ... and truly transformational as promised boosting up the confidence of a dentist ..Thanks to Dr gopikrishna and the whole team for being so accommodating amazing worthful experience at the center.

soujanya kollipara

"Dear Dr Gopi Krishan, It gives me great pleasure to write this appreciation letter for having treated by you and your wife Dr Lakshmi. The Centre where you are practicing has earned National repute by the name Root Canal Foundation the meaning is you make out root of the problem , Canalise and channalise the solutions pain free and establish a foundation to build castles of repute. You and Dr Lakshmi working together is like intelligence, efficiency work with tender loving care and miracle is born which is outstanding. All the patients whom i sent to you for the treatment have a great praise for your approach, bed side manners, scientific treatment of international standards and the homely atmosphere of your well equipped clinic. I wish both of you long life to serve humanity and give them bright, shiny, happy smile."

Devarajan Viswanathan

Dr. Gopi is very informative and I gained confidence in him within few minutes from the time I met him for the first time. Slightly expensive but still you will not regret that extra couple of hundreds.

Rooban Ideas2IT

Professional and excellent service

sathiya g

"Dr Gopikrishna and team have been very professional through the course of my treatment. The quality of consultation as well as the precision of work done is excellent and value for money. The consistent aftercare and speed of response was very efficient. I would highly recommend Rootcanal foundation for anyone looking for quality rootcanal treatment at international standards! Thanks 1"

Deepika Devarajan

One stop solution for your dental issues. You can expect extremely efficient staff and dedicated doctors. The quality of work is very good and personally you don't have to be concerned about anything, from fixing the next review to choose the best dental solution for you- the doctors and staff maintain a very good record of it. I would definitely recommend this place for any dental issue. An added advantage is that Dr.Gopi Krishna is very highly updated in the field and Dr.Lakshmi too is very good. No complaints!

Shamsiha Aysh

Dr.Gopi Krishna and his team are great. Love the work ethic maintainted at the clinic. They are well organised with their appointments. My overall experience here has been pleasant and I'm certainly happy to recommend the team to anyone looking for stellar dental advise/care in the city

Shyam Gopal

I had to get my wisdom tooth removed. With state of the art facilities. I had my x ray done here. A copy sent to my email the very same day. On the next day, doctor gave me the anasthatic and it was removed before I could sing twinkle twinkle little star in my head. Am still under the anasthatic writing this. But to someone who has had an extract the old way.. all I have to say is Kudos to science, kudos to dr Gopi and Dr. Avinash.

Adorable Girl 15

"I have atmost respect for Dr.Gopi Krishna for his knowledge and the time he takes to make sure the patient is fully aware of the situation and the best possible treatment options . Faculty is well trained and professional . The dental equipment is at its best and the latest in the dental world . Clinic is clean , very well lit and maintained with atmost care . 1"

Sarvan Royal

pain free dental treatment with atmost care

Nedumaran Kaliaperumal

It is a delight and relief to come to Dr Goikkrishna and his team. I have received the best treatment. They follow up and care how you are doing months after you have finished with them. Also to mention the material used is something you can be assured of. Integrity it is!, Thank you Root Canal Foundation.

Sushiela Ilango

Excellent quality teartment, staff are friendly and polite.

Ramesh Kannan

The foundation is the best dental clinic I have come across. The professionalism and delivery of dental care are excellent. Endodontist provides deft and sincere surgical experience to patient care achieving a perfect painless outcome. I wish everyone who requires takes advantage of this excellent service.

Ravichandran V

The doctors both Dr Gopi Krishna and Dr Lakshmi are sincere,dedicated and extremely efficient. The diagnosis,treatment and care for their dental work is exemplary. They are the only doctors I know in today's world,who follow up with their patients by calling them up.Kudos to them.We need more such medical professionals in India.

Sundari Hemachandran

Thanks a lot for dOctober gobi and doctor Lakshmi for taking care of me and my father we was having painful from our gum , but after coming they gives us amazing and clean work making pain gone , that's showing the long and big experience of all doctors in that clinic ,,, best regards for them Ahmed zaid

khjuy fdgj

Extremely clean, wonderful professional service. Everyone from the receptionist to the doctor were great to work with. I will be going to RCF for all my future dental needs - strongly recommend to anyone in chenna

" krish suresh"

Had the best treatment here! Doctor Gopikrishna and doctor Lakshmi were both very patient enough to answer all my questions and gave me the best treatment and relieved me from my pain

Latha Sreedhar

I have always had nothing but the best experience at rootcanal foundation. Very friendly and experienced dentists and the assistant dentists are very helpful. Would recommend for everyone.

" Hariharan Samayanallur kannan"

Very Happy with their work. Great care providers..

Madhavan Ramakrishnan

Super friendly, everything was clean and professional. The doctor was very honest and kind. Thank you for the great experience :)

Danielle Kroitar

Thank you for enlightening us with exhaustive clinical knowledge about Root Canal Treatment. Best program I have attended till date.Nice hospitality too.

Ashutosh Chaudhary

Had a satisfactory experience. Experience was smooth and painless at an appropriate pace

Rajesh Velu

One of the best friendly patient effecient doctors I've ever seen till now. All our queries are patiently heard and answered by each and every staff here. The way my dental problem was handled with such excellence ,care and precision is what touched me the most ! I feel ive got the best doctor ever for any tooth problem. I strongly recommend this doctor for any dental problem. May God bless you and your family immensly Doctor. Thanks a ton for being so friendly and treating with such care !!

Purnima Bhat

Ambience is very good ... doctor is very friendly and kind enough to deliver the best treatment . Definitely recommend this clinic to all those who want to save their teeth.

Dr. ARUL Pradeep

It was an awesome experince for me to learn from sir and his trained and polite team... I could learn my faults and i hope that i ll really be able to do some good RCTs going back home

"sreetama banerjee"

I was referred to Root Canal foundation by a doctor. When I stepped into root canal Foundation Centre, I was full of anxiety as to what the fate of my two tooth is gonna be ( because before I came here, I underwent root canal procedure for two of my tooth at a dental point close to my house and the doctor inserted the micro tip of the drilling instrument (I am not sure what they call it dental terms) in both tooths and happily suggested extracting both the tooth. I felt completely lost and couldnt imagine extracting tooth.. I was pretty sure that isn't the fate of my tooth and that they should be a way to do somehing about it... then I took second opinion with a dentist who then suggested Dr. Gopi who is an expert in dealing with such cases. Just on my first day here, I was 99% sure that my tooth are gonna be saved. .. it is just not the treatment, it is the hospitality, the way they received me, the way the doctor gave hope, the efforts that the doctor took to explain what has happened and what can be done next... I was super happy... and after two long sittings, both the tooth were saved and I am today walking out of this Centre with a broad happy smile ... thank you so much Dr. Gop

Sravanthi Amidhala

Excellent experience. Hardly felt the local being given. Every step of the the procedure was explained clearly. The dedication and expertise of the dr Gopi was evident at every phase of the treatment. God bless him and his family

ganthimathy sekhar

Awesome experience I have been made to strictly adhere to my dental hygiene thanks to dr.gopikrishna and his team. Today I am at this age relatively doing well with his help. Thanks doc thanks root canal

Prakash Kinger

"The doctors here are professionals and their work is brilliant.I have taken treatment for fluorosis heremail, was totally satisfied with the work.thank you doctors,keep the good work going.wish u a big success.1"

subashini kartick

Its been a good experience.I have come to know about do'so and dont's

"Rupa Borra"

Excellenter environment and good treatment standards

ilango A

Painless and perfect procedure done with enormous professionalism

Harish Ravi

Pleasing and satisfactory......

Bhagiam Murali

Really good.painless anaesthesia

annrish tan baby

Dear Dr Gopi Krishan,

It gives me great pleasure to write this appreciation letter for having treated by you and your wife Dr Lakshmi.

The Centre where you are practicing has earned National repute by the name Root Canal Foundation the meaning is you make out root of the problem , Canalise and channalise the solutions pain free and establish a foundation to build castles of repute.

You and Dr Lakshmi working together is like intelligence, efficiency work with tender loving care and miracle is born which is outstanding.

All the patients whom i sent to you for the treatment have a great praise for your approach, bed side manners, scientific treatment of international standards and the homely atmosphere of your well equipped clinic.

I wish both of you long life to serve humanity and give them bright, shiny, happy smile.

- Padmashri Dr. T.V.Devarajan,
Eminent Medical Doctor and General Physician.

If it is root canals then it has to be Dr Gopikrishna... your communication and chair side skills are truly world class... For once, I was at peace on a dental chair !!

- Mr Michael Boneham ,
GM - Ford India.

One of the best dental clinics in Chennai!

- Dr Ravi Shankar ,

Great smiles, great infrastructure and excellent work.

- Mr G M Jain

Dearest Dr. Gopi Krishna and Dr. Lakshmi and the whole staff, With gratitude and love would like to thank you for all that you did for us. You both are not only amazing doctors but also the nicest people I know. I feel very blessed to know you as my doctors and as my friends as well.

- Ms Agi ,

I feel so loved and taken care of. Never had better dental/medical care in the world.

- Mr Michael Milner ,

For a change FEELS GOOD visiting the dentist!

- Dr Deepika Vijaysankar ,
ENT specialist

Dr. Gopikrishna did 3 root canals and Dr. Lakshmi the crown work on those teeth. Dr Gopi krishna has explained everything so beautifully that patients have no fear or anxiety. Great! Thanks for the truly painless and precise work !!!

- Dr Jayalakshmi Adiga ,

I and my wife had the opportunity of getting the benefits of excellent skills of both Dr Gopikrishna and Dr Lakshmi. No pain at all in the tooth root canal procedure or fitting of the bridges. They gave few tablets of pain killers....but did not need any ! We are very happy to get such superb treatment.

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